SEM Paid Search

Lets face the facts The internet has changed, in all probability there has been changes since the posting of this page. With the continual expansion of smart devices, Internet security, search engine algorithms, technologies, Social Media, and of course your competitors, there is little time for rest.

Search Engine Optimization alone typically wont cut it, if there is allot on the line, it is crucial to diversify marketing efforts. Relying on one method alone leaves a business in a very precarious position. Which Brings to the Point of SEM Marketing. Just a few of the benefits of this method are

  • Quantified Results
  • Adjustable Strategies
  • Transparency of Expenditures
  • Diversification in methods
  • Consistency &¬†Trend reporting reporting, to the granular level, data on demographics
  • Target not only Google, but Bing/Yahoo Networks too


With Paid Inclusion, our clients


  • Allocate their monthly expenditure
  • Target specific regions/demographics
  • Adjust targeting methods to mobile/desktop, and can even go as far as android/apple
  • Marketing/expenditure reports showing industry data
  • Advertising methods: Text ads, contextual, banners, Products listing ads (PLA), YouTube
  • Flexible bidding strategies according to business hours, and proximity
  • Strategic Marketing Trajectories set from conversion tracking data.
  • Forecast conversions based off market data, & trends


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