Product Listing Advertising (PLA)

Product Listing Ads

Think of this as a shopping directory, or directories. Product listing ads stem from a merchant account, and/or a
data feed, either being directly off your server, or uploaded content. Imagine your ideal inventory, or full range of products
on display in the Bing, Yahoo, Google Product placements. With the ranges of sizes, colors, item descriptions and prices.

Traditional Paid Inclusion is less likely to showcase your inventory as the Product Listing Ads (PLA) will. And as with tradition paid inclusion, budget allocates is at the discretion of management.

Advertisement in Shopping Directories

With the spike in mobile usage, you can advertise, and transact with customers while they are on the go, but alongside you can adjust bidding strategies further.


You are offer 24 hour shipping for a certain item, but can only honor that in various regions, in varied times.  This is typical with E-commerce transactions offering shipping discounts according the "The Lower 48"

Further more: You are only looking to sell to mobile users, who perform search queries in Spanish, while using Android devices.


With PLA Advertisement, these variables are there to be addressed.  Adding even more flexibility, broadening your inventory to other directories, such as:

  • Pricegrabber
  • Shopping
  • BizRate
  • Sears
  • Amazon
  • Ebay Stores