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Los Angeles Digital Marketing Specialist

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    What We Do

    Increase Sales
    Cut Costs
    Create Strategic Online Marketing Initiatives
    Increase Brand Equity
    Interpret Web Analytics & Market Trends
    Optimize Site/Campaigns for Conversions
    E-Commerce Consultants – Serving as a part of your team
    Internet Marketing Specialists


    We hired Pacificwebtraffic a year ago, to create Paid Search campaigns, and revamp our SEO, got some solid results rather quickly,  The agreement was 90 days so after that we parted ways.  Fast forward a year, rehired them, Month one our costs were cut in 1/2.  By the end of 90 day window our expenditures reduced by 300%,   while sales increased by 34%.

    SufinChemical, SufinChemical

    Initially we targeted just their SEO/Analytics services.  It was made very clear that we needed to intergrade other methods, and sync up initiatives.  Using the social media, as well as email marketing to generate quick impulsive transactions.  Alongside, they offered to train our China Team, who uploaded inventory items, on basic SEO, even supplied them a pdf on ‘How to’, Their contribution well exceeded just the SEO aspect”

    Jo Craig, Meritline

    Mike was great at SEO and driving in business to the firm. I highly recommend him if you are building your law practice as we were. He is easy to work with, responsive, and gets good results.

    Susan Murphy, AdvocateLegal.org

    Mike is extremely talented with web design. He made the process run smoothly and was always available to answer my questions. I would highly recommend PacificWeb.

    We went through quite a few inceptions of the flagship site, none of which really gained any traction.  Mike Project managed the platform, inter graded news-feeds, which generated RSS outputs into directories.  Our Traffic went from nothing to over 3500 new visitors per day.  Quality visitors, who interacted with site, subscribed to newsletter, and was involved.

    Brian Newman, Dailywallstreet