Facebook Remarketing: What to Know

Facebook remarketing is an effective campaign strategy, but when should you use it?

The magic of a Facebook remarketing campaign is that it continuously targets those who have visited your site. This allows you to deliver more descriptive messages to them, since they are already aware of your product or service.

If you’re looking to convert members of your target audience, consider launching a Facebook remarketing campaign. But when is the right moment to hit the launch button?

If your business is brand new, it might not be generating the traffic it needs in order for a remarketing campaign to be effective.

If so, you should start with an awareness-based campaign to get the word out about your business. This will generate website traffic for you, resulting in a nice foundation for a future custom audience to target with a remarketing campaign.

Your customers are on Facebook to connect with friends and even potentially discover your product and brand. More than 17% of consumers use Facebook to follow brands and companies.

Graph showing reasons why people use Facebook
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Think about how you’re getting your message across and reaching them. Once they visit your site or are included in your retargeting list, they will continuously see ads for your company.

With Facebook remarketing campaigns, you can target your website visitors as well as your Facebook audience. This gives you a broader reach than other remarketing platforms such as the Google Display Network.

A Facebook remarketing campaign (sometimes referred to as a Facebook retargeting campaign) adopts a retargeting strategy that shows a Facebook ad to Facebook users who have visited your company’s website before.

By installing the Facebook retargeting pixel on your website, you can serve a retargeting ad through Facebook to a specific set of users or a website visitor.

Instagram is a place where businesses use imagery and visual storytelling to connect with their customers in meaningful ways. People come to Instagram to discover new things, including businesses. In fact, 60% of people learn about a product or service on Instagram, and 75% take action after being inspired by a post.1 Instagram Business Tools were designed with that in mind. These tools can help you, the advertiser, grow your business presence and more easily connect with customers within the Instagram mobile app.

Beyond What Facebook Offers, Instagram is caters to “Visual Appeal” and with that in mind, Marketing with Instagram allows our clients to go beyond existing typical demographic, and target similar audiences, reaching new customers.

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