LinkedIn Marketing

In Many cases, clients have very specific needs and with market segmentation, their target demographic would most likely be found on professional platforms vs typical social media arenas.

This is where LinkedIn Marketing stands above other options.  LinkedIn Marketing allows professionals to showcase their brand towards their target demographic, while still utilizing best practices along geographic segmentation, budget allocations, transparency of ROI, and niche marketing.

LinkedIn Ads + Strategic Consultation using varied methods, all in accordance to allocated budget


  • Sponsored Content – promoted content within the native newsfeed on LinkedIn
  • Text/Image Ads – thumbnails and a few lines of text. These run on remnant inventory.
  • Sponsored InMail offering direct messaging with LinkeIn Platform
  • Sponsored Content* – promoted content within the native newsfeed on


  • Our Account Executive to set up initial campaign, receive best practices, and provide strategic guidance
    Ongoing point of contact for potential growth to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
  • No Minimum, but $3K-$8K Monthly Minimum Spend Recommended for Higher ROI